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Frågor till SIAFs konferenssamtal/ Questions for the SIAF conference call

tisdag, 21 februari, 2012

Nu är det inte så länge tills SIAFs nästa konferenssamtal, därför tänkte jag samla ihop lite frågor som är bra att ställa. Jag kan inte garantera att jag kan ställa frågorna själv, det beror på när konferenssamtalet äger rum. Men jag ska försöka. Annars kanske någon annan ställer frågorna. Har du någon fråga du tycker bör ställas så kan du skriva det i kommentarsfältet.

  • Kommer SIAF att dra ner på sina utgifter för att slippa använda aktier för att betala sina utgifter?

In English

The next SIAF conference call is not that far away so I thought I’d write a post to collect questions that should be asked at the conference call. I’ll try to ask most of them myself but it depends on the time of the conference call if I can participate. If I can’t ask them, then maybe someone else can. If you have a question that you want to have an answer for, please make a comment here and I may add your question to the list.

  • Can and will SIAF reduce the capex in order to avoid more equity financing this year?
  • How can SIAFs APM technology be adapted to outdoor ponds?
  • Regarding the feb 29 press release it stated that “The facility is projected to develop some 2.8 billion prawn fingerlings in its first year of operation“. What is the economic value of 2.8 billion fingerlings?
  • Is there any requirement of 51% Chinese ownership in shares listed in Hong Kong, like there is in mainland China?
  • IronRidge is one of the larger sharholders of SIAF. Do you know anything about their strategy regarding SIAF?
  • When you can sign orders worth millions of dollars with Chinese businessmen, would it not be possible to persuade some of them to buy shares for a couple of million dollars as well?
  • What access do you have to the cash flow of your subsidiaries as the main holding company?
  • Sanjiang A Power has applied for a loan of $5 million from the Agricultural Bank of China. Are there any requirements for this loan such as management personally taking responsibility for the loan or any other requirements from the bank? Can you take up more loans with other subsidiaries to reduce the need for dilution?
  • Is it possible to slow down capex and growth to avoid having to issue shares that increase the supply of shares in the open market?
  • What business area do you think will surprise shareholders the most on the upside?
  • Are there any plans to expand outside of China?
  • Given the low price per share and the way that diluted shares tend to be sold over the open market, is there really any way to justify further dilution save to avoid bankruptcy of the company?
  • Alternatively; Under what circumstances do you think it is okay for a company to issue shares at a price to earnings ration of less than one based on projected 2012 earnings?

Löparn dömd till böter, ger sin kommentar

måndag, 13 februari, 2012

Löparn döms till böter på 32 000 kronor samt en avgift på 500 kronor till brottsofferfonden för att ha handlat mellan två av honom kontrollerade depåer i Neurovive. skriver om det hela och låter även löparn själv kommentera händelsen.