Laddade ner ett dokument om Tri-Way som jag tillfälligt delar här, via länken nedan. Dokumentet är ett Tri-Way-dokument nedladdat från en Hong Kong-sajt.

Om några dagar tar jag antagligen bort den här posten.



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  1. Graham skriver:

    SIAF is nothing but a huge and obvious scam, it has also been Salomon’s personal ATM machine for many years. The joke is Nils-Erik Sandberg’s part in the scam, something that he denies being a part of. Salomon and BoD should go to jail for scamming small retail investors.

  2. Emilez skriver:

    Yeah well because of the high risk of the investment I don’t write about it much here anymore. I have lost a lot on it too until now.

    Like I wrote in Swedish this post will be deleted eventually, I just wanted to share a document with some people on iHub.

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