Mailsvar från Tony

Här är ett mailsvar från Tony till Skribenten Strindberg angående megafarmens prestationer.

As Solomon indicated in the last CC, there has been ongoing renovations (at AF2 & AF3) and changes in plans (AF1 switching to conducting some R&D) that have affected recent production at these facilities. At AF4, simply put, in my view, our expectations on the speed of financing have not met our timing of projections. Without a critical mass of funding, it is difficult to ramp up production. So the timing of renovations, etc. with the inability to ramp up AF4 as expected have caused a lull in production. At the same time, Solomon is orchestrating a very complex consolidation between Chinese, Hong Kong, and US interests. Nevertheless, Solomon does have many contingencies available to him through his various partnerships to fill gaps in production to carry us until such time funding arises. AF1 & AF2 will soon resume full scale production, and AF3 with increased activity.

My optimism stems from the potential of the biology and markets I see here in China. It also stems from my participation with institutional lenders and other large investors and their positive responses to our vision. The funding delays, in my opinion, seem to be more administrative since many reports and documentation are required and due diligence is extremely intensive due to the large amount of funding being sought. I know of no other aquaculture venture in my years that has been so ambitious, so I expect scrutiny to be high and prudent delays to occur.

Having said all that, I do expect many challenges moving forward, none unsurmountable, but challenging nevertheless.


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