SIAF: Ganska långt mailsvar från Tony

Det här är några mailsvar som signaturen Strindberg fick alldeles nyligen. Tonys svar är i fetstil.


Have renovations taken longer time than expected or what is the reason that production will only increase by 10-15% compared with last year? Renovations have taken longer. Lower than expected results due to a variety of reasons with AF4 has also contributed.

You said there is interest from India, Africa, Indoneisen and Vietnam.

Does it only apply to sell licenses or is it possible that Siaf enters as a shareholder in these aquafarms? All of the above. And possible strategic partnerships.

Thank you for your answers. I’ll rephrase my question.

Now when all the renovations are completed and are fully operational, how much do all aquafarms produce roughly in a quarter? Our original target for 2017 was 18-20,000 MT based on my recollection of the 2016 end of year conference call.  That projection took into account that all farms would have completed all improvements and renovations that are planned for the year and on time, and, from that, would be expected to be fully successful implementing their operational plans as well. We have had to revise projections given the circumstances I explained earlier, and because funding has not come as quickly as anticipated. The lack of funding has also forced us to make other, less expensive, adaptations at farms (e.g. 3rd generation ODRAS), not originally anticipated, with the goal to increase production to ensure we are moving forward year over year. So, until we stabilize completely, yearly and quarterly production levels are very hard predictions to make and are moving targets, although we know production will increase for sure year over year. We have our IPO consultants and auditors reviewing our revised estimates for 2017, which will be made available publicly at the appropriate time. Going forward, year to year production levels are expected to increase for the Triway collective through 2024 since we will continue to build out AF4 & AF5 and improve technologies and operations at our other farms, as we will continue to do. This is also given we are successful in obtaining the funding levels we seek.  An accounting of quarterly production levels up to and including 2016 can be found in the quarterly 10-K reports. You can see the pattern of quarterly production, which is based on market. This pattern, of course, will also change as our levels increase and market outlets for us change as part of our plan going forward.  Again, these plans will be made public and to all at the appropriate time.

  För övrigt kom nyss en ny analys av SIAF ut på webben skriven av en skribent som jag inte vet så mycket om.


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