Protector försäkrade höghus i London som brann

Protector Forsikring försäkrade huset i London som brann nyligen enligt release. Enligt bolaget ska bolagets egen försäkring täcka kostnaderna tror dem.

Tack till Krister för tipset.


As the insurance provider for Royal Borough of Kensington and 
Chelsea, Protector Forsikring ASA is involved in the tragic fire in 
Grenfell Tower. 

Our thoughts go to the people who lived in the building and their 
families. Protector will cooperate closely with the local 
authorities and the rescue teams. 

The fire will mainly be picked up by Protector's reinsurance program 
and will, from what we know at the moment, have negligible influence 
on Protector's net Q2 and 2017 full year results.


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